Storage And Display Solutions For Agricultural Goods

Orchard racks, produce baskets, and wax-coated cardboard boxes are some retail storage solutions that can be used to protect and display harvested goods. Use the following storage strategies to prepare goods for market and to set them up inside of the establishments where they are going to be sold. 

Orchard Racks

Orchard racks are multitiered retail storage setups that can be used to protect loose items and products that are packaged. If the retail shops where you will be selling your agricultural goods will require you to place green beans, peas, and other loose items inside of a produce case, using an orchard rack will make it easy for you to access goods and keep them organized.

Orchard rack systems often contain wheels that will allow an end user to push a rack across paved surfaces and tiled flooring that comprise a store's parking lot and retail establishment's interior. 

Produce Baskets

Produce baskets that are affixed to a frame can be used to store and display apples, bananas, oranges, and other produce items that are moderately sized. A series of baskets may contain a tilted design. Each basket that is affixed to the framework pieces may be tipped slightly forward. The tipped baskets will allow consumers to see all of the agricultural products that are being sold in a retail shop.

If you are in charge of setting up your wares in each retail shop that you have a contract with, you may want to install a basket display next to a set of scales and a bag dispenser. This will provide customers with a convenient way to weigh and bag the products that they wish to purchase.

Wax-Coated Baskets

Corrugated cardboard boxes that have a wax coating added to them will prevent a box from becoming damaged from moisture. A wax coating that is applied to cardboard is made up of a polyethylene product. If a box does not contain a coating, it can become soggy and soft. A box that doesn't hold up could place your agricultural goods at risk of becoming damaged while they are being transported.

Large wax-coated boxes can be used to store and display watermelons and other large and heavy produce items. Smaller boxes can be used to ship products or to display small items inside a retail shop. If your customers will be receiving shipments directly from your agricultural business, ordering boxes that have your business name printed on them may be of interest.

Contact a local retailer to learn more about retail storage options.