The Construction Of A Sustainable And Structurally Sound Deck

A new deck will provide you with unlimited opportunities to enjoy the increased amount of outdoor space that is at your disposal. Learn some basics associated with installing a structurally sound deck that can help it be more cost-efficient.

Sustainable Materials

Choosing to have a deck constructed of sustainable materials is a cost-effective and responsible decision. Composite products that are constructed of fully-recycled materials are one of the cheapest ways to acquire the lumber that you need for your decking project.

Wood that has been repurposed undergoes a milling process. Old barns, homes, fences, and other wooden structures that are going to be torn down provide plenty of wood that can be repurposed at a milling facility.

The recycling of wood keeps costs down, plus ensures that salvageable materials do not go to waste. A composite that contains a mixture of wood and PVC is another sustainable material. PVC and wood fragments are combined during the manufacturing process. A manufacturer of decking materials often designs PVC composites so that they look exactly like authentic wood materials.

Structural Variables

The installation of a deck requires plenty of ventilation underneath the structure. Ventilation will prevent mold and mildew growth. If there is space left underneath a deck, small rodents, snakes, and other critters won't be likely to seek refuge under the deck.

A decking contractor should be hired to design and build a deck. A contractor will assess the height of the door that will lead to a deck. The height will determine if the deck that will be adjoined to it will have enough air space underneath it. Decks can be built at ground level or at an elevated level.

If a deck is being built along a second story, a contractor will have to factor in the use of support beams when they are drawing up the construction plans. A railing will also need to be installed around the deck. The beams and railing will ensure that a deck is structurally sound.


The cost of lumber should be explored during the planning of the decking project. There are many types of lumber, including new wood, repurposed wood, and faux wood. The square footage of a deck will determine how much a new deck will cost. A decking contractor's fee will be based on the size of a project or the number of hours that it will take for them to complete the installation of a deck.

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